Monthly Archives: September 2018

Ep. 32: Preparing Exceptional Students for the Competitive Global Workforce

Guest: Daniel Grigg, associate director for career counseling programs

Daniel talks about the opportunities available to students to find part time jobs, cooperative learning experiences, internships and even full time jobs after graduation.

Ep. 31: The Place for Distance Learners and Graduate Students

Guest: Dr. Clay Gloster Jr., interim vice provost for research, graduate programs and extended learning and dean of The Graduate College

Clay talks about the various offerings available to students who want the convenience of learning online and graduate options available online and in the classroom.

Ep. 30: Nursing: Jobs in Demand

Guest: Mrs. Tiffany Morris, interim assistant director of nursing for the School of Nursing

Tiffany discusses the various pathways to nursing, how A&T is helping to address the nursing shortfall and the 65th anniversary coming up this year.

Ep. 29: The Place Where Accomplished Students Become Exceptional Graduates

Guests: Dr. Margaret Kanipes, chemistry professor and director of The Honors Program; Lexy Wheeler, sophomore, Dowdy Scholar

Margaret and Lexy discuss the benefits of The Honors Program and what it takes to be a Dowdy and a Cheatham-White Scholar.