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Ep. 66 – Student Health and Wellness – Mind

Guest: Dr. Vivian Barnette

Chancellor Martin talks with Dr. Vivian Barnette, the executive director of the Office of Counseling Services, about the importance of kindness to student mental health and well-being.

Ep. 20: Mental Health Awareness, Pt. 4

Guests: Dr. Dominiquie Clemmons-James, certified rehabilitation counselor in the Office of Counseling Services, N.C. A&T, Brittany Chang, psychology student, member of Collegiate Recovery Community street team

Clemmons-James and Change discuss the university’s Collegiate Recovery Community on campus and working with students to successfully pursue academic, personal and professional goals to enrich their quality of life.

Ep. 19: Mental Health Awareness, Pt. 3

Guests: Linsey Parisi, licensed clinical social worker associate, Office of Counseling Services, N.C. A&T, Jalyn Houston, marketing student, president of Active Minds

Parisi and Houston talk about reducing the stigma of mental health so that more people take advantage of the care available to them.

Ep. 18: Mental Health Awareness, Pt. 2

Guests: Dr. Vivian Barnette, director of Office of Counseling Services, N.C. A&T, and Calena Creft, a licensed professional counselor, Counseling Services, N.C. A&T

Barnette and Creft discuss options for mental health care at N.C. A&T